LUV Advisors


Rod Berg: New Design Talent and LUV Open Call Program Advisor

Rod is an award-winning creative professional cresting 20 years of international experience in the world of design and academia. His career as a designer, recruiter and educator has led him to work with branding luminaries at numerous companies, including Abercrombie & Fitch, Disney, and Nike. Currently, Rod serves as a creative recruiter at a leading advertising agency. Prior, he was the associate director of career services at Parsons in New York City, where students and alumni lauded his significant contributions to their paths in the world of art and design. An enthusiastic and empathetic advocate for the creatively inclined, Rod enjoys running his career coaching practice which offers counseling to aspiring and seasoned creatives alike. Born in the U.S. and raised in England, Rod lives in New York City and likes exploring its myriad outlets for art.

LUV Footwear is a fantastic example of creative talent well used.

Jordan Felling: Art Outreach and LUV Ambassadors Program Advisor

Jordan is a working artist:, with a focus on printmaking and antiquarian processes in photography and drawing. Currently, Jordan is Director of Admissions for The Oxbow School, a non-profit fine art program located in the Napa Valley. Most recently, Jordan joined the planning committee for San Francisco Art Institute's Vernissage MFA preview party.To engage creatively with her local community, Jordan volunteers for two non-profit art organizations in Oakland and San Francisco: Creative Growth and Southern Exposure. Jordan’s pastimes include hiking, collecting vintage scarves, and discovering new ice creams.

I love what LUV is doing for the art community and the young creative spirit.

Jeff Sangali: LUV Advisor Product Development

Jeff is a lead designer at Lucasfilm Animation, where he manages a team of creative professionals in creating digital content. Jeff’s background in visual development, content art, and art direction spans over thirteen years of experience in games, television, and movies. With his parents as artists, Jeff gained an appreciation for creatively early on through countless trips to museum exhibits. At San Jose State University, he majored in illustration with an emphasis on animation, while minoring in industrial design.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeff appreciates collecting, restoring, and racing vintage motorcycles. He is also a devoted weightlifter and family man.

I've always had so much admiration for any company that gives artists opportunities... that's how I got to work for Lucasfilm.

Patricia Suflita Wilson: Development and Charitable Giving Advisor

Patricia is a driven, energetic, and enthusiastic CEO in the non-profit sector. She has served for the past 15 years as the Executive Director of Make-A-Wish, Greater Bay Chapter, and is a frequent speaker and advisor in non-profit organization matters.  She currently serves as a Board member of Friends of the Urban Forest and her San Francisco neighborhood improvement association. Prior to Make-A-Wish, Patricia held positions in public broadcasting, an environmental museum, and served as a consultant to improve our national parks.

When she's not leading (or cheerleading) Make-A-Wish and LUV initiatives, Patricia loves to garden, volunteer in her community, and spend time with her family and friends.  She also has a thing for shoes, and secretly desires to create LUV puppy booties for her beloved dog, Sydney, who hasn't a clue that she is a dog!


I met LUV Footwear's CEO, Michael, by chance on a plane. He shared his vision and I was hooked. What I didn't know was that a wish to meet a shoe designer happened to be sitting on my desk. Serendipity! We are honored to have LUV Footwear as a partner.